Delivery Zones



Local Delivery
Same-day delivery Monday-Friday
 12pm-7:30pm in our delivery zone (see map)
$9.99 + tax minimum

Any orders placed outside our delivery hours will be delivered during the next delivery window.

Manhattan Delivery
Monday-Friday 12pm-7:30pm
 in Manhattan up to 140th Street
$100 + tax minimum

For Manhattan delivery on Tuesday/Friday, orders must be placed by Monday/Thursday, respectively, to guarantee delivery. Every effort will be made to make same-day deliveries, but orders not received the day before may be delivered on the next delivery day.

Large and Special Orders
To arrange a delivery outside of our normal delivery hours, please call the store directly (212-262-6000) and we will work with you to coordinate a special delivery.


Please note that we offer New York City delivery only

—We do not ship out of state.