Parker's Heritage Collection 13th Edition 8 Year Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

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The Parker’s Heritage collection are a series of rare, limited-edition bourbons crafted in tribute to Master Distiller Parker Beam and his five decades of experience distilling whiskey.
The barrels hand-selected for this series include bourbon, rye and wheat whiskeys, among others, and are some of the highest quality and most diverse American whiskeys to be produced.

This 13th edition eight year old is the first-ever Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey to be released as a park of the Parker’s Heritage Collection, consisting of 75 specialty barrels charred for a full minute and a half, as opposed to a more traditional 40 seconds. The “Level 5” char barrels have been rested for eight years and nine months.

Giving you aromas of chocolate and smoke on the nose, with rich and smooth with bold spice and honeyed sweetness. This is very balanced and bold and full of character. Dry tannins with complex rye character and with notes of pepper. The finish is expressive and long with a warm flavors of baking spice.

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