Del Amigo Joven Mezcal

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Mezcalero Enrique Jiménez makes Mezcal Del Amigo, a terroir-infused liter at a great price. Unlike most commercialized and homogenized Tequila, Mezcal is more a product of external factors. Del Amigo is 100% estate Espadin agave grown in the village of Santiago Matatlan. The Piñas were baked in a stone-lined pit for five days over black oak before being crushed by a pink quartz stone wheel. The resulting mash was fermented in open pine vats with wild yeast and then distilled twice in a 125-gallon wood-fired copper pot still. After that, the final Mezcal is diluted to 86 proof and bottled un-aged. You get loads of earth, wood, and character on top of the agave.

Flavor Profile: Smoke, citrus, herbs, nuts, cream, flowers, and stones. Enjoy this as you like. Drink straight up, with juices, with chunks of fruit, or citrus pieces.


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